Beautiful Bizarre Nummer 22 (Temporarily SOLD OUT! We are waiting for new copies!)

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Issue 22

Featured Interviews: Camille Rose Garcia [cover artist], RONE, Kin Fables & Tom Bagshaw

Artists Vs Artist Interview: Camilla d’Errico interviews Caia Koopman

Studio Visit: We visit Australian sculptor, Juz Kitson’s Chinese porcelain studio

Featured Articles: Josh Keyes, Caitlin McCormack, Greg Simkins, Lisa Ericson, Yuka Sakuma, Escoto + Carrara & Aaron McPolin

Curator’s Wishlist:  Melissa Walker of Distinction Gallery shares what she would like to add to her personal collection

Lookbook: Rebecca Leveille

Artist Snapshot: Kurtis Rykovich, Anton Semenov, Nunzio Paci, Alessia Iannetti, Paul Barnes & Daria Hlazatova

Some of our Favourite Things: Our favourite wearable art brands including, Julia deVille, Blood Milk, Macabre Gadgets, Sofia Fitzpatrick, Parts of Four & Thrajar Jewellery

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