KochxBos Gallery Beautiful Bizarre Issue 26

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We take a deep dive into the work of Troy Brooks and his gorgeous androgynous film-noir inspired female protagonists; we visit and learn what a day is like in the peppermint-scented London studio of painter Christ Guest. We are provided with a deeply personal insight into the challenges and triumphs that artist couple Kit King and Oda have faced living, loving and creating together. We look inward and examine our own lives, as Australian artist Ben Frost describes how his work is a discourse on the new world of 'Advertainment' and how we ourselves have become advertisers, our realities defined by levels of 'customer engagement', 'click through rates' and effective hashtags. We hear from Brian Mashburn about the difficulties artists face when trying to make a living from their artwork, which is brought to life further by our Editor-in-Chief's 'Letter from the Editor' as she acknowledges the challenges faced by most current artists - and that the struggle is real!

Director of Dark Art Emporium, Jeremy Schott shares what artwork he would like to add to his personal collection; we discover some of our favourite wearable art brands, and so much more inside Issue 026 // September 2019, which showcases some of the best and most inspiring artists of our time.

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