Dadara Open Your Mind - So We Can Use Your Data

Article number: ISBN 978-90-821944-5-6

Open your mind  - So we can use your data

To be released Saturday March 10 2018 at 17.00 in KochxBos Gallery

The ultimate Dadara book: this beautifully crafted hardcover edition by Dadara and KochxBos Publishers is a record of his full body of work, containing 196 pages of mind-blowing art.

"Initially making his mark with groundbreaking designs for the international dance scene in the Nineties, it didn't take long for Dadara to be embraced by the high-brow art world as an artist to be reckoned with. Since then, his career, spanning three decades of creative excitement and adventure, has turned out to be one of the coolest underground art trips imaginable..."

Please contact us for larger quantities (>5).
To give your organization a truly original gift, to surprise your entire museum staff with a glance at the future with this unique inspiring art book. To hand out to all you art academy students at their first school day. To have them in stock in your office and give to your number one clients. To make people very happy.



| Anonimous 15-11-2019 05:32

Book of the books. This is ART!!

| Man with a plan 15-11-2019 05:31

This book rocks!!!

| Amiot jc 22-07-2018 16:00

Perfect !!!

| Jorrit 21-07-2018 23:07

Wat een heerlijk boek om doorheen te bladeren! Feest der herkenning, al het werk wat ik zo’n beetje van Dadara ken komt in dit boek terug. Van lang geleden tot heden... Een mooi overzicht van het veelzijdige werk van deze kunstenaar waar zowel fans als beginnende liefhebbers veel plezier aan zullen beleven!

| Ronald 21-07-2018 18:42

Prachtig uitgevoerd boek met hele mooie kleurenafbeeldingen van Dadara's werk door de jaren heen. En ieder boek is ook nog eens voorzien van een persoonlijke tekening van de grootmeester. Superdeluxe!

| Joe Dutch 21-07-2018 18:41

Excellent and elaborate overview of the man's work, in beautiful quality prints and paper. I recommend this book to everybody who likes Dadara.

| Barry 26-03-2018 13:32

Heel mooi boek mét originele (hand)tekening, leuk!

| Guido Urka 19-03-2018 14:41

Super mooi boek ... Super blij mee ....

| Anja D. 09-08-2017 13:41

Par hasard, je suis venu ici et a trouvé le grand livre de Dadara. Je suis fan depuis que je voyais son travail sur l'homme brûlant. Wow, je me réjouis de ce livre. Le livre signé bien sûr :) Salutations! Anja D.

| Peter Glasshouse 09-08-2017 13:04

Ha! It appears that i am the first to - by accident - find the Dadara book here. As big fan of his work (Burning Man was amazing!!) i ordered it right away. Looking forward to the book. I may have forgotten all about it in February, but what a great surprise that will be! Thanks in advance. PG

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