Harma Heikens Sculptures

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'Sculptures' is a retrospective of the work by Heikens from the past decennium. 144 pages, good paper, vibrant colors, designed with love and printed by the best printers in Amsterdam.

Sculptor Harma Heikens uses a visual language known from the popular culture with seduction techniques that are used in the world of advertising. Her life size sculptures evoke associations with comics, animation and Manga. But in this playful and colorful idiom Heikens calls visions of a world plagued by economic and sexual exploitation. Touching cartoonish shaped children are in hopeless situations. This contrast delivers images that sometimes are difficult to digest; One can experience them as cynical, but they meanwhile seem to offer consolidation, like saints, in their reference to martyrdom. 

Her recent work is uncompromising. From the infamous girl-with-the-bomb belt 'Virgin' to the very graphic ‘OG / Original Gangster’ sculpture. Hollywood's post-apocalyptic fantasy has given way to the actuality of, among other, religious conflict. 

Violent images that daily invade our homes through TV and the Internet are processed into detailed, life-sized ensembles, which act through their cartoonish stylization as obscure allegories. 
Nothing is what it seems.

"Heikens 'work is not a soapbox stance, but she does not resort to" leaving it all up to the viewer' either. What we make of it is an amalgamation of artist intention and our own built-in perceptions culled from our own reference banks." - Annie Owens, chief editor Hi-Fructose

Harma Heikens
Harma Heikens debuted in 1995 at the Dutch Groninger Museum along with contemporaries like Micha Klein and Inez van Lamsweerde. Her work has been included in the collection of the Groninger Museum and in the possession of private collectors all over the world.

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| Mark van Einden 28-08-2015 13:20

Als je wilt weten en begrijpen waar haar werk vandaan komt aarzel dan niet en koop dit boek, soms heftig en even slikken, maar van een enorme kracht en schoonheid. Chapeau, 5 sterren.

| J.Zwinderman 28-08-2015 12:58

Harma Heikens doet als kunstenaar wat een kunstenaar moet doen; verwonderen en verwarren. Zij maakt mooie beelden die bij nader inzien een compleet verhaal vertellen. Dat schrijnt en roept vragen op. Kochxbos hebben een boek gemaakt die recht doet aan de kunstenaar, goed verzorgd, strak en mooi. De service en de afhandeling van de boekbestelling is perfect.

| Darren Andrews 15-12-2014 12:50

Her works is shocking ánd good. The book came in perfectly -it is a beautiful book.

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