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Everything Must Go
Everything Must Go is a series of life-sized pin-up drawings inspired by comic strips, pulp covers, posters of B-movies, and an eclectic cast of masters from high-brow and low-brow art history.
Draax started work on his drawings with nothing but a 4B pencil and photos of his models. He works about three months on every drawing, and, in that period, uses the paper with the drawing as a table cloth. This way, food waste, wine stains or coffee marks are added to the final artwork, so that each drawing is created and destroyed at the same time. When a drawing is finished, Draax invites friends for a 'last supper'. After the stains are dried, the work is framed by drilling screws through the paper, and mounting it to a blackboard. The screws are not impregnated and therefore will rust over time. The stains and wrinkles suddenly get an unexpected beauty.
Each drawing from the serie has acquired a symbolism of its own, and each girl represents a classic pin-up type: nun, nurse, space girl, and so forth. A running gag is that all girls are smoking, even in situations where this would not be possible.
Everything Must Go is a statement about the temporariness of beauty, friendship, morality and the temporary nature of life. 
"All things of beauty are defenseless" - Lucebert, Dutch poet and artist 

Everything Must Go - Do Bad Habits Wear Off, Deep Space, Nurse Andreea, Plastic Soup, Eleven, School’s Out and Summer.



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